The Thinking Academy Kindergarten


We announce September Registration in Thinking Academy Kindergarten:

🎯 The Kindergarten of the Thinking Academy serves the purpose of creating a psychologically healthy environment for the children, to further enhance their personal, emotional and social development.

🏡 The director of the kindergarten – Psychologist Nino Buadze and the renowned psychologists of The Thinking Academy have elaborated the program, which is oriented on developing the skills in kids, such as:

• Perception, attention, memory, imagination;
• Speech, communication, presentation,
• Fine and large motor skills;
• Emotional intelligence;
• Empathy, cooperation;
• Thinking, cognition and general knowledge.

🌈 The Thinking Academy focuses on being the space enabling the children to form the skills of self-esteem, responsibility, teamwork, empathy, security, basis of the consciousness and worldview, that will later translate into the better adaptation into the school environment and in general, becoming a person.

👧👦 In our kindergarten, we welcome children aged 2-6. The maximum number of them in a group is: 12-15. Our academic staff is a group of the teachers with psychological education and besides, they undergo systematic training by the psychologists of The Thinking Academy.
Detailed description of the process of children’s development on a daily basis enables the teachers to provide parents with relevant recommendations.

🎡 The learning process is introduced to the child through the activities with the elements of play and that definitely guarantees all the fun for them.

● Sensory room activities are responsible for the development of motor skills. Children work to improve eyesight, smell, sensitivity along with getting known to self-control and self-care skills;
● Interactive games are offered for learning a foreign language;
● Dance, music, literature, drawing, drama and art-therapeutic activities are also included;
● Our well-equipped yard gives us the opportunity to hold the important activities of the day outside.
● Considering the nutrition of children as a priority, we use ecologically friendly products, supplied by Agrohub, and create a variety of healthy, nutritious dishes (four times a day).
● Children will be systematically involved in cultural and educational activities held in the different places.

• Working hours : 09:00-19:00, from Monday to Friday.
Monthly fee – $370.

The kindergarten is located in Tbilisi, Irakli Gamrekeli str. N41

☎ Due to fully understanding the importance of the best choice for your child,
we would be more than glad to provide you with all the details,
Contact us: 598 60 70 76

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